The President’s Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

We are proud to announce that Prosperous Living Achievement Center officially became a Certifying Organization.  What does this mean, you might ask.  Well, this means that we are able to honor our volunteers in a very special way.  Our volunteers are now eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award.  Based on how any hours a person has volunteered with our organization, within a 12 month period, they are eligible to receive this prestigious award which includes:

  • An official President’s Volunteer Service Award lapel pin
  • A personalized certificate of achievement
  • A congratulatory letter from the President of the United States

The award criteria is as follows:

Bronze Level

Kids: 50 to 74 hours
Young Adults: 100 to 174 hours
Adults: 100 to 249 hours
Family & Groups: 200 to 499 hours

Silver Level

Kids: 75 to 99 hours
Young Adults: 175 to 249 hours
Adults: 250 to 499 hours
Family & Groups: 500 to 999 hours

Gold Level

Kids: 100 hours or more
Young Adults: 250 hours or more
Adults: 500 hours or more
Family & Groups: 1000 hours or more

President’s Call to Service Award

All Ages
4,000 hours or more of volunteer service (over a lifetime).

We really appreciate all the work our volunteers do, and are happy to have another way to award voluntary heroes.


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